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Ganges - River To Heaven

Ganges River to Heaven is a 77 minute independant global cinema film by Boston filmmaker, Gayle Ferraro which documents the culture and beliefs of the Hindu religion centered on the sacred River Ganges, in India.

The city of Varanasi is situated on the junction of the Varuna and Asi River tributaries and it is the oldest living city on earth. It is home to Lord Shiva and is one of the most important spiritual centres of religion in the world.

It is also the home of the legendary Hindu Burning Ghats, a complex arrangement of steps, burning pits and slanting temple spires, where dedicated believers attempt to break the reincarnation cycle and attain the redemption of "moksha by the ritual of cremation in open funeral pyres..

Ganges - River To Heaven is the third production by Gayle Ferraro, of Aerial Productions and previous two films were shot in Burma, and Bangladesh on DVcam - but this one has been originated on Super 16mm for 35mm for cinema release.

The five person film crew spent almost four weeks living at Assi Ghat, on the banks of the Ganges River and during that time fully documented the religious culture and rituals associated with both life and death in this photogenic region of the sub continent of India. The film crew included some of the most experienced and talented professional technicians available in India.

The final film was shot on 90 rolls of Kodak 100T and 200T motion picture stock, using an Arriflex Super 16mm SR3 production camera kit from Boston Cameras in the USA. Optics were by Zeiss and Canon, tripod was the amazing new Fibretec by Vinten, camera protection by the legendary Cinesaddle and camera tracking by Hollywood Microdolly.


ClientAerial Productions
Production CompanyAerial Productions
DirectorGayle Ferraro
Talent Pilot
Format16mm Film
Filming Technique16mm Documentary